Sanctions Research

My other area of research examines why governments threaten and impose economic sanctions, the strategic interaction of firms operating under sanctions, and the effect of economic sanctions on targeted states. I am currently collecting data on all cases of sanctions threats and impositions from 1945-2005 to update the Threat and Imposition of Sanctions data. I am also currently involved in several projects examining how the use of sanctions affects the dynamics of terrorist campaigns and insurgent violence. A list of my published and working papers on sanctions can be found below.

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Working Papers

  • The Sword Cuts both Ways: Sanctions Enforcement and the Costs of Economic Coercion (with Bryan Early, Julia Grauvogel, and Katja Kleinberg)
  • The Design and Enforcement of Sanctions (with Bryan Early, Julia Grauvogel, and Katja Kleinberg)
  • Economic Sanctions and Strategic Target Aggression (with Menevis Cilizoglu)